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    Brand Creation
    An Australian owned organic nutraceuticals company, Wanngu were launching their new products into China and needed a brand that represented their home grown origins, the clean reputation of Australia and a holistic spiritual essence to present a natural personality in a market saturated by clinically represented products.


Wanngu Nutraceutical Products are a holistically based natural health company offering organically derived supplements promoting optimum human performance and wellbeing.

Australian based with an emphasis on home-grown indigenous integration, Wanngu are taking on the domestic and international health supplement world with a core target market of China, due to its burgeoning middle class who have an insatiable demand for a greater choice of quality health products.

Wanngu needed a naturally Australian 
tone to its brand identity and communications to capitalise on its international reputation as being ‘clean and green’ with abundant natural resources, a world-class health industry and stringent quality control regulations. This will set it apart in a market flooded with a range of similar health products derived from all corners of the globe.

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The Wanngu brand needed to feel vibrant yet organic, establishing a positive and fresh market position to attract urban consumers seeking a natural solution to counteract the stressful impacts of city life. It was crucial that the brand and communications addressed the ethos of traditional Chinese medicine, Australia’s green status and an element of ongoing natural preservation.

Nature was the starting point alongside the key indigenous role of ‘hunter gatherer’. The concept identifies an unmistakable native hunting tool and the narrative of ‘roam to discover’. The boomerang symbol pays homage to the indigenous spirit, a heritage base of Australia and the essence of nature, while the typography provides a foundation of strength through energy and substance via purity.

The photography style captures the beauty of the natural Australian environment through texture and contrast to engage a spiritually emotive connection.


The Wanngu brand is inspired by sharing experiences through culture. The strong representation of gathered natural elements, both photographical and graphical, provides a natively influenced journey and connection through authentic storytelling. It communicates through a natural beauty of human and land to culturally engage emotion in the target audience. The tagline of ‘Live long. Live strong’ evokes the power of living a sustainably healthy life when investing in Wanngu.