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    Brand Strategy
    iVvy is an Australian software solutions company that has developed the world’s first global online market place for the corporate events industry.


iVvy digitally consolidates conference and meeting space providers, accommodation houses, travel companies, events suppliers and professional conference organisers, allowing them to transact and manage events in a real-time environment.

The iVvy platform offers different modules for each sector within the events management industry that are purpose-built ensuring specific stakeholder needs are equally and appropriately met.

With thousands of global users, it’s now a thriving business community meeting place for everyone involved in rolling-out a successful event. Hosting everything from event and delegate management, event promotion and email marketing, ticketing and online registration and post-event reporting and analysis.

IVvy was ready to take their business global with an exciting brand leading the charge into this dynamic and competitive market.



IVvy already had a brand strategy created for them by an agency when they approached us, but were underwhelmed with the creative approach they received.

Picking up the pieces, the challenge for this project was to create a four-letter .com name that related to the industry and displayed relevant visual meaning.

Through tiresome market research and client analysis, we eventually arrived at the event-savvy name -

Expanding from this name, we highlighted through caps the first ‘V’ in ivvy to showcase the universal sign for ‘victory’ –

The elliptical typeface used, featuring opposing custom triangular cut outs, was designed to be somewhat playful and flexible on the one hand, yet direct and progressive on the other.


At first glance, the iVvy brand is a pure reflection of the industry it sits in being dynamic, vibrant, welcoming and fun. This was the core feeling to portray from the outset, as no one likes a boring event.

The second messaging tier was to display a more professional application by taking into account the business-to-business digital environment in which the product, and brand, functionally exits.

Variations of the logo are possible through colour changes of the ‘victory V’, depicted by what industry sector users are communicating with.

It was a fine balance connecting the dual-tone objectives, but the end result has been met with industry acceptance and adoption as evident through the growing number of global iVvy users now employing the platform.