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Well-Known Brand Now Back On Track With A New Name - Burchills
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Well-Known Brand Now Back On Track With A New Name - Burchills

Mar 18/Mark Goudie

With over 250 years of combined experience, there’s no doubt as to why this company is trusted by thousands of individuals from different business sectors. Over the past 39 years the company has been through many name changes and it is a credit to them that they have retained their client base throughout this process. Today, the company has been rebranded under its historic name, Burchills.

Story Behind the Name and Innovation

Formerly known as VDM Group, Burchills was once on the verge of divesting their consulting business when Steve Coote took over the reins as managing director of the Gold Coast branch. He has since embarked on a plan of diversification to revitalise and modernise the company’s market presence.

Burchills currently has 25 staff based in the Southport office, and is operating in the disciplines of civil, structural, water, environmental and traffic engineering. Whilst working with various clients from the government sector, the company also caters to private and institutional clients predominantly in the property and infrastructure sector. 

It is evident that the long years of operation are stronger than the concern of multiple name changing. In a 2013 survey clients expressed that Burchills is a very solid and respected company with proactive solutions and alternatives. Clients also commended the company’s work in the areas of construction, engineering and documentation, where Burchills is widely recognised as a leader in these fields.

Alongside the announcement of VDM Gold Coast changing to Burchills, are the visions the company has for itself and for its clients. One of which is to target becoming a larger multi-disciplinary consulting business, increasing staff numbers by 30 - 50 in order to cater for clients’ specific needs.

While currently working on various projects such as Broadwater Parklands, Gold Coast Light Rail, Gainsborough Greens, Varsity Heights and Palm Beach Heights, Burchills continues to generate brand new ideas to further improve its wide array of services with the emphasis on engineering.