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Pluvo Designs in China
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Pluvo Designs in China

Sep 27/Mark Goudie

Just recently, Pluvo released a teaser on their latest branding project for a new retail concept entering into the Chinese market. Traditionally servicing clients throughout Australia, this venture is a quantum leap that will definitely create a large impact with ongoing benefits.

The project is basically a fusion of juice bar and ice creamery. Kiosks are not new anymore; but in China, a juice-bar-and-ice-creamery-in-one is something pretty contemporary. The entire branding is being created in Australia to deliver a western feel, which will allow the brand to stand out in an overcrowded landscape. The expectation of products is premium and almost everything is sourced from the western world; from the ice cream to the fresh fruits - all these will be imported.

Apparently, China is known to have a long list of beliefs and most entrepreneurs incorporate it in their business. This is where lucky charms, coins and figurines of all kind enter the picture. With this in mind Pluvo will still find means and ways to incorporate their branding and design with the Chinese culture. 

Pluvo admitted they faced bigger complexities than dealing with traditions. Tobias Black the creative director claimed that with the Chinese government needing to approve the brand name and the visuals means that there is a lot more for consideration. Just like any other country, China has its own share of prudence; but Pluvo has the knowledge and experience on how to deal with such issues.

The very first design for China is almost done and Chinese individuals and even tourists are up for a cool treat. More than the positive impact of this idea to the public is the impact that this project will have on Pluvo, the opportunity to work in other countries and create another milestone for their continuously succeeding company.